Five Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Reduce Stress, Laugh More and Think Positive

Start with at least 30 minutes a day, then gradually build your positive thinking time. Evade difficult people and try not to be difficult yourself. Get a massage, a manicure, facial or a haircut. Meditate or listen to soothing music.

2. Avoid Pollution
Keep plants in your home and office. If you can't live in a pollution-free environment, take regular trips to the countryside. Avoid smoke-filled rooms and high traffic areas. Schedule outdoors activities for low smog periods.

3. Smile Wide
Brush and floss after each meal to maintain good oral and dental hygiene. Be confident with your smile when talking.

4. Make Something
Boost your creative energy. Cook with new recipes, paint, write, recycle something, or put a photo album together. Planting seeds is rewarding - just don't forget to water them!

5. Drink Smoothies
Veggie and fruit smoothies have great health benefits, and they taste good, too. They're packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; they contain fibre, which helps keep you regular; and drinking smoothies rather than ordinary juice will leave you less prone to snacking. You can also have fun and be creative by designing your own. Look out for another five tips in the next issue.

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