Red wine and dark chocolate show real love on Valentine’s Day

Susan Ofria, clinical nutrition manager at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital suggests showing real Valentine’s Day love with red wine and chocolate that both contribute to a heart health. She also has some other heart healthy eating tips to share, in a February 10 news release from Loyola University.

The beauty of indulging in dark chocolate and red wine explains Ofria, is you don’t even have to make a choice between the lesser of two evils, given the known health benefits of higher levels of cocoa found in dark chocolate and resveratrol in red wine that is shown to lower blood sugar levels and boost good cholesterol numbers.

Ofria suggests looking for chocolate with cocoa content that is 70 percent or higher this Valentine’s Day. “Truffles, soufflés and even hot chocolate can be a good source of resveratrol and cocoa phenols (flavonoids) as long as dark chocolate with a high content of coca is used.”

You may want to sprinkle chocolate on berries, also good sources of heart healthy nutrients in keeping with February’s national heart health theme. Ofria explains, “Berries are a good source of beta carotene and lutein, anthocyanin, ellagic acid (a polyphenol), vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber.”

Valentine’s Day brings a special focus to the heart. Other tips for heart healthy eating include oatmeal for breakfast that is high in soluble fiber, potassium, niacin (a B vitamin) and folate.

Snacking on almonds and walnuts provides omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, niacin, vitamin E that are a good source of magnesium needed for heart and overall good health. Preparing or ordering meals that incorporate kidney beans, brown or golden flaxseeds, salmon and tuna are other heart healthy ways to show love on Valentine’s Day.

Loyola Medicine: "Go for the Dark Chocolate, Red Wine to Keep Your Honey Heart-Healthy This Valentine's Day"

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