Simple Tips for Relieving Common Digestive Problems

Although many television viewers are bombarded with advertisements for medications that claim to relieve or prevent digestive discomfort, some recommendations from Fox News may help people control these conditions without medical intervention.

Individuals who experience uncomfortable sensations in their chest and throat after they eat may suffer from heartburn. The news organization suggested that people who have these symptoms should avoid eating in large quantities, along with fried foods and carbonated drinks.

Those who suffer from disruptive bowel activity may benefit from increasing their fiber intake. However, the news source noted that individuals who have irritable bowel syndrome should only consume fiber from natural foods, not dietary supplements. Apples, beans and citrus fruits are all healthy sources of fiber.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 70 million Americans have digestive diseases.

Certain foods and medications may exacerbate symptoms of these disorders, so keeping track of which products cause discomfort may help people avoid future complications or identify potential allergies.

The NIH added that overweight individuals are more likely to suffer from digestive problems, but participating in regular exercise may help reduce occurrences of heartburn or bowel troubles.

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