In the modern world women's bodybuilding and enjoys its popularity. More girls, women begin to engage in the gym. Or he does not care coach, whether from a lack of information, women commit a number of mistakes in the classroom. This article lists the most popular mistakes that are worth paying attention to.

1. The repetition of the same exercises every day. During exercise the muscles get very tired. And in order to recover, you need time. Each muscle group needs time to rest (at least 48 hours) between sessions. An experienced coach suggest to train different muscle groups 1 time per week.

2. Do not use water. During hard training the water from the body is removed. And if stocks do not recover, then You will get tired very quickly. The use of water in the human body is priceless. As an example, the fact that water washes away toxins and harmful substances, supports healthy joints, and, not least, during exercise reduces the likelihood of syncope or dizziness.

3. Excessive cardio workout. Quite often the misconception that long cardio workouts may help to keep in shape. During these sessions the body produces a large amount of cortisol, which leads to the destruction of muscle tissue. It is known that the size of muscle mass determines the metabolic rate (the smaller the mass the lower the metabolism). Coach suggest to do loads of cardio 3 - 4 times a week. Regarding the duration, it is about 40 minutes. But it is worth noting that for each person this time can be different.

4. Fear of strength training. Many women just believe that if they lift weights, it will be quite "big". But it's not. Strength training will help to get the desired relief leg muscles, flat stomach, firm buttocks – all in all a great and attractive body. If the exercises to do exercises with the weights, the calories will burn more.

5. Try not to sweat. Sweating during exercise is a normal natural process. And do not worry about your makeup or appearance. It is still a gym.

6. The use of spirits. First of all it is rude to other people in the gym. Often athletes have to experience oxygen starvation and a sharp smell of perfume only worsen the situation. There are people who are very sensitive to various fragrances. The sharp perfume they can start an allergic reaction or it will be bad.

7. Not the correct technique exercises Vertical traction wide grip". Many women try hands only to pull the neck down and push too low (reaching the level of the belly). This is not true. Proper technique is the following: you need hands to take up the fingerboard a little wider than shoulders and pull the neck to a level slightly above the chest. The body should slightly lean backward as you pull down. Another helpful hint – do not attempt to grab his neck tightly. This will ease the load off the biceps. Attempt during traction to shoulder blades and bulging forward of the chest.

8. Big load on the abdominal muscles. It is impossible to lose the layer of fat on the abdomen, training the press (abdominal muscles). If you do abdominal training, it will only create the appearance of a tight abdomen. To reduce the layer of fat you must strictly adhere to diet and carry out cardio workout.

9. The disuse of protein after a workout. Protein is essential for muscle recovery after a workout. The body of each woman is individual. So You need to consult with a nutritionist or trainer, in order to establish the necessary post-workout amount of carbohydrates, fats, glutamine and of course protein.

10. The most common mistake of women is the implementation of the activity "Bending towards". This exercise, in fact, provides not the desired effect – expanding waistline. Remember, it is impossible to reduce the layer of fat, pumping muscles that are under him.

The best butt exercises

The best butt exercises

The best butt exercises

1 - Squats . Quadriceps, muscles of the back thigh and buttocks/Basic exercise/Weight and volume of all muscles of the thigh

2 - SAC - squats . Lateral (external) side of the quadriceps and buttocks/Formative exercise/Volume of the lateral part of the quadriceps

3 - Squats with a barbell on the chest in the simulator Smith . The top of the quadriceps and buttocks and hamstrings/Formative exercise/Volume and the shape of the top of the quadriceps

4 - Lunges with a barbell . Buttocks, inner side of the back of the thighs, quads/Formative exercise/Raises and allocates buttocks

5 - Romanian rise . The top and middle of the back of the thighs and buttocks/Basic exercise/Weight, shape, separation of the thighs and buttocks

6 - Treading on the platform . The buttocks, rear thighs and quads/Formative exercise/Distinct separation of the muscles of the thigh

For girls - The strategy and tactics of slender legs

For girls - The strategy and tactics of slender legs

Feet, perfect by nature, rare even among the stars. In most cases, graceful shape is the result of a serious (and well-planned!) efforts. Well, let's get to work!

1. Strengthen and give relief.

Object: lean, slightly “sluggish” legs.

Goal: to improve leg shape, making them more ripped and toned.

Facilities: weight training. Your goal is to build muscle, so gym sessions should be the main point of your exercise program. Aerobics and dancing — supporting activities.

The program: 2-3 times a week training in the gym focusing on exercises for the leg muscles. The approximate scheme: 3 sets of 12-15 times with a gradual increase in weight. This will help build muscle. In addition, more likely to achieve their goals will help a certain power: for example, one hour after workout you should eat a light protein meal — omelette, fish. Once a week to improve the overall shape of the feet is obligatory aerobic, dance or slide.

An exercise in "hurry": liftings on socks. Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, abdomen and buttocks tightened. Get up on tiptoes, straining knees and feet and as if they stretch up, hold for a couple seconds and lower down. Repeat 15 times. Series execution of lifts with different position of feet: parallel to each other, socks inside, socks outside.

2. Achieve elegance.

For girls - The strategy and tactics of slender legs

Object: massive legs, full-bodied.

Goal: to reduce the volume of the thighs and shins, making the silhouette of your legs lighter and more graceful.

Tools: - shaping or strength training in combination with aerobics or modern dance.

Your goal is to strengthen the muscles, not "pumping" them, and to get rid of excess fat on the feet. So you "shown" strength exercises with moderate loads and cardio to fat burning.

The program: 2-3 times a week training or shaping in the gym. Approximate scheme of the classes at the gym: 3 sets of 15-20 times with a small or medium weights. With more weight you have to work contraindicated: legs can get fatter! Strength training combine with cardio machines: bike, stepper or treadmill. Once a week is useful to go to the pool or include in the training program, doing aerobics or dancing. Carefully observe the diet on training days: limit consumption trudnosgoraemyh protein and don't eat within three hours after a workout.

An exercise in "hurry": squats. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly kindle socks and squat, squeezing your knees and straining buttocks. Do during the day 5-7 approaches. This is a good exercise to cope with the "breeches".

3. Reduce the volume.

For girls - The strategy and tactics of slender legs

Object: too full, loose legs.

Objective: to reduce the hips, making the leg more toned and slim.

Tools: any kind of exercises aimed at an intense burning of calories, plus strength training. Your goal is to get rid of excess curves and increase muscle volume (this will give the feet the required smartness and speed up weight loss).

Application: 3-4 times a week running, aerobics, dancing, cardio workouts at the gym. All of these classes require decent amounts of power, so they will speed up the process of weight reduction. If you're bored to do all the time the same series of different types of training. During strength training, work with light weight and perform 3 sets of 15 times per group of muscles. You need to avoid activities that require excessive physical activity: usually they are not very useful to those who wish to lose weight, but healthily tired and discourage to fitness. Strictly observe the diet on training days.

Exercise in haste: attacks. Stand on your toes, make lunge right foot forward, hold this position for a few seconds and return to starting position. Repeat the same with left leg. If the attacks try to strain your buttocks, stomach to keep caught up, and back straight.

PUMP UP THE BUTTOCKS. Exercises and tips

PUMP UP THE BUTTOCKS. Exercises and tips

How to build a beautiful buttocks? And give them a beautiful shape?

Here are some tips you should read before proceeding to the exercises:

  • Before any motion ensure that the muscles of the legs, buttocks, pelvis and abdomen was tense. This protects the joints and makes muscles work harder.
  • When you're lying in the original position on the side, no need to fill up the pelvis back and round your back.
  • Elbow resting hands should be firmly attached to the floor.When you're lying in their original positions on the back, your pelvis should be parallel to the floor.
  • You should also observe the stability of the middle position of the pelvis.To lower and raise the pelvis and legs slowly.
  • Transitions should not be, the movement is evenly distributed.
  • One of the important components is proper breathing. At a voltage necessary to make the exhale when relaxing breath. This creates a rhythm of exercise, the particular pace that is right for you, besides, you get enough oxygen.
  • In exercises that require fast pace, no need to hold your breath, just breathe evenly and calmly.Follow the rules of nutrition

PUMP UP THE BUTTOCKS. Exercises and tips

Exercise 1. How to pump up the buttocks.

Lie on your right side, lean on elbow, the palm of the let supports the head. The second hand (which was on top) put on the floor directly in front of you so as to press the elbow to the floor. This way you will avoid various injuries of the lumbar spine. Legs bent at the knees and hips at an angle of 90 degrees, back straight. This provision will need to be maintained throughout the overall exercise. Not separating the foot, pull the knee of the involved leg, and bend with every movement of the buttocks. The lumbar back should be perpendicular to the floor, that is, the pelvis is stationary, while the knee works. You need to do 40 reps one leg, and then, turning to the other side, 40 reps for the second leg.

Exercise 2. How to pump up the buttocks.

Sit on your heels, slightly dissolve knees in the parties. Keep your back straight and pull your belly. Hands to raise up and slightly back, linking hands. Lift the pelvis by 7-10 centimeters above the floor, and begin to do the slow rotational motion of the pelvis. For the overall exercise it is necessary to strain muscles of the buttocks. Number of repetitions: 10 rotations in one direction, 10 in reverse. The plane of rotation of your pelvis should be parallel to the floor, in any case do not lower or lift your pelvis. Legs and body under rotations needs to be fixed.

Exercise 3. How to pump up the buttocks.

Lie on your right side, lean on elbow, palm to support the head. Elbow second hand press to the floor. Straight leg position at a right angle to the body, keep the back straight. His leg needed to be lifted so that the stop at the highest point was parallel to the floor, but the foot should not turn toe up, try to watch that. This greatly affects the performance of the exercises: the heel should be level with the toe. Perform 10 repetitions, then lift the leg to a certain height and do 10: creates smooth and resilient, so-called "spring".

Exercise 4. How to pump up the buttocks.

Take a starting position – lie on stomach, forehead put on crossed palms, press the chin to the chest. Legs straight, slightly apart. Bend your knees to form a 90 degree angle, feet connect together. Smoothly follow UPS bent legs up. Make 10-15 repetitions. Throughout the exercise your knees should not touch the floor.

Exercise 5. How to pump up the buttocks.

Lie down on your back, legs bend at the knees and feet shoulder width apart. Slightly lift the pelvis. For exercise, do not touch the buttocks sex. Tighten buttock muscles and lift your pelvis all the way up, then fall to the floor, but so that the pelvis did not concern him.

7 ways to overcome laziness

7 ways to overcome laziness

1. To stop being lazy, to do nothing

I'm serious. Become middle of the room and do nothing, absolutely nothing: do not eat, drink, read, do not lie, do not listen to music, do not think. Not pass and fifteen minutes, and you just accepted the case.

2. Yes, there are things for five minutes

Force yourself to work for five minutes, it is much easier than to take on the world, realizing that you have to work the whole day. Five minutes you can endure anything, and at the same time it's enough to get started. Then you won't be able to stop.

3. Break the big things apart

To tackle a big task is simply impossible. Break it into small pieces and perform turns — it is much easier.

4. Routine away!

To do everything, only to do nothing? To eat, to wash ware, to go to the store, check emails, watch the news, read the blogs of friends... Clearly, all this distracts from the main task and should only be done in your free time.

5. Work with the morning

People are divided into "larks" and "owls" (I am a night owl). Owls usually a lazy day, inventing endless excuses for things just sit in the evening. Cute owls, we equally can work both day and night.

6. Reward yourself

Any work should be rewarded, so while useful themselves time to promote. Has fulfilled part of the story — drink a Cup of coffee with your favorite cookies, walk or just relax for 5 minutes. It's a good habit.

7. Do not wait for tomorrow

Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week, because we constantly put things to do tomorrow. If you want to start over, do it right now — tomorrow there will be a very string case or you simply change your mind. Even if it is late, start your business today — to finish the job easier than starting a new one.

Achieve success in their business, and let laziness no longer stands in your way!