The best butt exercises

The best butt exercises

The best butt exercises

1 - Squats . Quadriceps, muscles of the back thigh and buttocks/Basic exercise/Weight and volume of all muscles of the thigh

2 - SAC - squats . Lateral (external) side of the quadriceps and buttocks/Formative exercise/Volume of the lateral part of the quadriceps

3 - Squats with a barbell on the chest in the simulator Smith . The top of the quadriceps and buttocks and hamstrings/Formative exercise/Volume and the shape of the top of the quadriceps

4 - Lunges with a barbell . Buttocks, inner side of the back of the thighs, quads/Formative exercise/Raises and allocates buttocks

5 - Romanian rise . The top and middle of the back of the thighs and buttocks/Basic exercise/Weight, shape, separation of the thighs and buttocks

6 - Treading on the platform . The buttocks, rear thighs and quads/Formative exercise/Distinct separation of the muscles of the thigh

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