What is an abs workout?

What is an abs workout?

ABS workout in cpmpany challenge ABS work abdominal crunches and strengthening the back muscles. The ABS training helps burn fat deposits in the abdomen, disappearance of cellulite, strengthening the press, reduce waist size and a significant reduction in body weight.

Today, more and more professional trainers began to talk about what ABS fitness optimally helps the formation of posture, it is possible in the shortest possible time to create a beautiful figure, make the body flexible and relief.

ABS is a specially designed set of classes, including exercises development of muscles, the execution of the lifts the torso of the prone position, bridges, wall thrust, etc. However, the main goal ?bs workout – strengthening all groups of muscles of the abdominals – upper, lower, oblique. For this process of classes are four main groups of exercises, the right combination of which leads to impressive results:abs for women in St. Petersburg

  • Work body on the stationary legs;
  • Running feet, and the body remains stationary;
  •  Work body and legs cross;
  • Work body and legs at the same time.

ABS translated to English means "the muscles of the abdominals and ABS workout, do primarily focuses on them, thighs, lower back and buttocks are involved in the process of carrying out occupations just because they create a static load on the press.

Doing ABS workout, You will certainly:

  • Strengthen the press;
  • Burn excess fat;
  • Remove cellulite;
  • Reduce the waistline;
  • Increase your stamina;
  • Improve your mood.

ABS workout in no case can not lead to injuries or any injury: held under the strict supervision of an experienced instructor, they favourably affect the whole body, not create him to excessive load, normalize hormonal background.

ABS work on those abs

ABS work on those abs

The abbreviation ABS stands for Abdominal - Back - Spine. This strength training abdominal muscles, combined with strengthening exercises of the back and flexibility. The results become visible very quickly: burned the fat on the belly and flanks, lose cellulite, strengthens press decrease the volume of the waist, the body weight reduces.

It is possible to allocate four groups of exercises, which combined, are able to strengthen the upper, lower, oblique abdominal muscles:

  1. the work of the body by the stationary legs;
  2. work with your feet when the trunk motionless;
  3. cross the work of a torso and legs;
  4. simultaneous operation of the torso and legs.

Also ABS workout includes exercises to develop back muscles, including wall thrust, lifts the hull out of position on the abdomen, bridges, etc. Experts say that such training would best serve to create a beautiful figure and posture.

9 reasons to start running

9 reasons to start running

1. Running increases the possibility of heart and blood vessels, occurs training directly to the heart muscle itself. This means that the heart becomes stronger, stronger. And this inevitably affects its performance.

2. Increases the oxygen capacity of the blood. The trained heart for one cycle runs much more blood, than not trained. Increased blood flow is increased and oxygen exchange. To all tissues and organs receives more blood, oxygen and nutrients.

3. A great tool in the fight against nervous tension. Stress and fatigue accumulate in the body during the day of the decay products - this is the cause of fatigue. To get rid of fatigue, you need to sweat, and running copes with this task.

4. During prolonged stress, the blood is ejected a special hormone - endorphin. This hormone is also called "happiness hormone". And for good reason. When the concentration of endorphins in the blood increases, the person experiences a mild sense of euphoria. Depression disappears.

5. Increases mental activity. While Jogging often "self" comes the solution of any problem or task. The blood during active exercise abundantly saturated with oxygen, increases metabolism, therefore, more actively functioning Central nervous system, and hence the brain.

6. Systematic Jogging help to increase immunity, due to the increase in blood erythrocytes and hemoglobin. In the process of cross-country loads decreases cholesterol in blood, decreases hunger, improves bowel motility. Together with the improvement of metabolism all this leads to normalization of body weight.

7. You can run at any time of the day. So, in the morning, when the blood increased amount of hormones, running is a natural tool for discharge that will help the body return to harmony. If you run after work in the evening, then you will relieve stress, relax, recharge energy, suppress excessive appetite and sleep a wonderful sleep.

8. Studies show that there is a partial regeneration of liver tissue. Occurs a positive effect on the kidney: while running with them the load is removed, which leads to their best functioning.

9. Regular running loads also have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. For the elderly such trainings are especially useful because they prevent degenerative changes in the joints and muscle tissues.

The ancient Greeks said - "If you want to be strong - run, want to be beautiful - run, want to be smart - run".

What vitamins are you missing?

What vitamins are you missing?

A simple test by which you can easily find out what vitamins you are missing.

Stretch your hands palms up and bend the last two joints of four fingers simultaneously on both hands up until the fingertips will not touch the palm of your hand (the joints between the fingers and the palm do not bend). Can't do this exercise? Probable vitamin B6 deficiency.

If you are often worried about bad breath, this may indicate a lack of vitamin B3.

Even at a weak bruises appear and you have long are the bruises? Most likely, you get a little vitamin C.

One of the possible causes of chronic constipation - a deficiency of vitamins of group B.

That you are suffering from dizziness and tinnitus can be caused by lack of vitamins B3 and E, plus potassium and manganese.

Redness of eyes, inability to adapt quickly in the dark, styes are sometimes associated with a lack of vitamins A and B2.

Dandruff appears in case if the deficiency of vitamins B12, B6, F and selenium.

Dull and brittle hair - a sign of lack of vitamins b, F and iodine.

Hair loss is sometimes associated with a lack of vitamins B9, C, H, Inositol.

Cause of insomnia may be a deficiency of B vitamins, potassium and calcium.

Frequent nosebleeds are caused by lack of vitamins C, K and B3.

Acne and red spots on the neck - signs of deficiency of vitamins A and B.



Best way to lose belly fat

Slim waist gives the figure of femininity and sexuality, which is why for centuries women have resorted to various tricks, in the form of outages and corsets to waist was thin, wasp. Of course, today also there are techniques to visually reduce the size of this problem for many women in the area, but they don't work, for example, on the beach, and therefore it is better to take for a motto the famous phrase: "to Be rather than to seem" and to perform effective exercises to reduce waist.

Exercises to lose belly fat

Than effective exercises to reduce waist differ from conventional exercise? Latest pump up muscles, making them three-dimensional. Because of this, the waist is not only not reduced, but rather, its volume will increase. The training itself is only half the story. Food also plays a not unimportant role, and therefore, you need to analyze your diet and make it more rational rather than snacking and empty calories.

Losing belly fat fast exercises home 


Any exercise starts with a warm up, it warms up the muscles and provides them with oxygen. To perform a warm-up is necessary at an accelerated pace.

Stretching exercises

In a standing position you need to pull and stick out the stomach with maximum force.
In this position, perform tilt back and forth, keeping your back straight.
The circular motion of the torso to the left and right side.
All exercises should be repeated 20-30 times.

Strengthening muscles upper abdominals

Lying on back, hands on the floor or chained to the castle under the head, legs bend at the knees, understand the torso, keeping the back straight, with the shoulder belt need to be off the floor.

Position — standing, feet apart more than shoulder width, knees bent. Straining the muscles of the buttocks, sharply point the pelvis forward, the reverse movement will relax your muscles.

Strengthening the muscles of the lower press

Supine, legs bent arms at your sides, lift your pelvis up, lifting your feet.

Lying on the floor, lift bent legs, hands pull them to himself, and a foot push in the opposite direction.
Lying on the floor, focusing on body arms bent at the elbows, lift the crossed legs up to maximum height. These effective exercises to reduce waist must be repeated 15-20 times each, repeating 3-4 times. When performing muscle should feel the tension. Over time, the number of exercises and approaches need to increase.

Obliques also have not the last influence on the beauty and subtlety of the waist, and exercises designed for this muscle group, allow you to get rid of fat on the sides.

Lying on the floor, legs bent, hands in the castle behind head, raise the torso, trying to get the right elbow left knee left – right, as if doing the twist.

Lying on side, one arm under his head, another along the body, lift the body up, trying not to get their side of the torso.

And remember that even the most effective exercises to reduce waist require regular reps and gradually increase load, and then the desired result will not keep itself waiting long.

5 Smoothie recipes

5 Smoothie recipes

1. Strawberry + banana

Number of servings: 2

  • 1/2 banana
  • 4-6 frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 Cup low-fat plain yogurt (curd)
  • 1/2 or 1 tbsp. orange juice
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds

In a blender first mix the bananas, berries, yogurt and orange juice. Add flax seeds and mix again. Pour into glasses and serve.

2. Carrot + apricot

Number of servings: 2

  • 6 abrykosy (pitted, sliced)
  • 175 g mango, slices
  • 300 ml of carrot juice
  • 2 tbsp. honey

Combine all ingredients in a blender until the consistency of smoothies and serve immediately.

3. Milk + strawberry + wheat germ

Number of servings: 2

  • 1 tbsp. low-fat milk (almond) or kefir
  • 4 tbsp low-fat plain yogurt (curd)
  • 3-5 strawberries
  • 2 tsp wheat germ
  • 2 tsp wild honey

Combine all ingredients in a blender until the consistency of smoothies and serve immediately.
The smoothie recipes-Lunches

4. Milk + strawberry + wheat germ

Number of servings: 2

  • 1 tbsp. low-fat milk (almond) or kefir
  • 4 tbsp low-fat plain yogurt (curd)
  • 3-5 strawberries
  • 2 tsp wheat germ
  • 2 tsp wild honey

Combine all ingredients in a blender until the consistency of smoothies and serve immediately.
The smoothie recipes-Lunches

5. Cucumber + peppers + onion

Number of servings: 2
  • 1 tbsp. tomato juice
  • ½ Pepper (spicy Cayenne or sweet), sliced
  • 100 gr. cucumbers, cut into
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp green onions (chop)
  • 1 tsp soy sauce, salt and pepper (to taste)
Combine all ingredients in a blender until the consistency of smoothies and serve immediately.

Top 8 most useful fruit

Top 8 most useful fruit

1. Banana. 

This fruit helps reduce pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It normalizes the stomach, reducing acidity and eliminating heartburn, improves mood, as well as banana is quite hearty, so it can be easily used as Breakfast or snack.

2. Grapefruit. 

This fruit improves digestion and promotes better digestion. Also the grapefruit has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the body, accelerating them. With moderate power if you regularly eat grapefruit, then a few months you can lose about 5-7 pounds.

3. Apricot. 

If it's not apricot season, you can replace it with dried apricots (the apricot, only dried). Apricots contain beta-carotene, which is essential in the fight against aging skin and useful for vision. Dried apricots are rich in iron and magnesium – sources of energy for the body, and they also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

4. Mango. 

This fruit is exotic for our country, but increasingly it is beginning to appear on store shelves. One mango contains the daily norm of vitamin C, but other than that mango contributes to the prevention of arthritis, healing wounds and strengthening immunity.

5. Kiwi. 

This fruit – a storehouse of vitamins. And also it helps to cleanse the intestines and has a mild laxative effect. Especially useful have kiwi for weight loss – this fruit strengthens your immunity help with weight loss and cleanses your body.

6. Lemon. 

About the miraculous properties of lemon known to all – this fruit is number 1 for colds and strengthen immunity. And lemon is a great fat burner and reduces appetite. When weight loss water with lemon is a necessary tool.

7. Apple. 

Good old apples – where do without them? Is preference, of course, the domestic apples, especially during the season – vitamins in them much more than the import. Apples – a source of fiber and pectin, but it is important to eat them with the skin.

8. Papaya. 

This fruit is not often seen in stores, but you can replace the orange. That's only in papaya 15 times more vitamin C and beta carotene than orange. Papaya reduces the risk of arthritis and helps lower cholesterol.

Hasbinding: build a person

Hasbinding: build a person

Facial muscles can be trained, like muscles of the body. 8 exercises for the face — and the results are impressive!

Young, beautiful face is not only good skin. About youth say high cheekbones, beautiful chin line, no smile line "wrinkles". Alas, time and gravity makes the person tired: muscles weaken, and the cheeks fall down, you receive a double chin. The face starts worse supplied with blood, which can not but affect the condition of the skin. And the first signs of "tired faces" has already become apparent since 25 years!
Of course, high-quality cosmetics helps to look young longer. But the effect is unilateral, on the outside, but the true cause is inside. Hasbinding, the system of exercises for facial muscles, acts on the problem from the inside. For playing hasbinding need neither trainers nor a tracksuit. Can do it all – regardless of age and physical fitness. Regular classes give a great effect: the muscles are tightened, the skin is better supplied with blood, and hence is updated and looks fresher and younger. The first results are visible already after 2 weeks! Are you ready to begin to exercise?

1. Exercise for forehead.

Put the fingers of both hands on the forehead. Ring fingers should lie on the eyebrows. Now, overcoming the resistance of the fingers, lift your eyebrows, pulling the scalp forward.

2. Eye exercise.

Open your eyes as widely as possible, in other words, "stare" as far forward as possible. Then relax.

3. Exercise for cheeks.

To smile, putting your thumbs to the corners of the mouth. Muscles of the mouth and cheeks, to the ears, very much strain. Relax.

4. Exercise against sagging corners of the mouth.

Pinch the lips between the teeth to tighten corners of mouth upward. Hold, relax. And prevents the formation of wrinkles on the upper lip.

5. Exercise against wrinkles around the eyes.

Press the fingers to the outer corners of the eyes and severely straining the lower eyelids. Relax.

6. Exercise against double chin.

Put fists under his chin and, overcoming the resistance of hands, open your mouth. Then, resting in the chin with the thumb maximally stick out your tongue so that its tip was pointing down.

7. Exercise for the neck.

With effort pull the lower lip (without moving the corners of the mouth down, exposing the lower teeth. If you correctly perform the exercise, then the neck will be visible relief of muscle.

8. Exercise to strengthen the whole contour of the face.

Strain the cheeks and chin: to open his mouth widely, to push forward the lower jaw. Much to strain the muscles of the neck and jaw. Relax.

Do exercises regularly at least 5 days a week, preferably every day. Each exercise should be repeated 5 times for 6 seconds, gradually bringing the number of repetitions to 20. It is best to perform this complex before going to sleep, although, by and large, can be enjoyed at any time.

Training with a skipping rope

Training with a skipping rope

One of the best aerobic exercise. 10 minute jumps give the same effect as a two-kilometer jog, a couple of tennis sets and a 10-minute Bicycle race.

Jumping you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. In this workout increases your heart rate and stress on the joints is very low. Jumps develop flexibility, posture, balance and coordination. Exercises with a rope allow you to effectively work the calves, shoulders, arm muscles and abdominals. This is the best way to warm-up and cool-down for strength training. Rope can be practiced almost anywhere.

Exercises with a rope used by boxers, wrestlers, volleyball players, skaters and swimmers as a trainer that is always at hand.

For effective training, you need to choose the right rope. 

There are several ways of choosing rope:

  • measure its length: take both handles in your hand and pull at chest level. The lower end of the rope should touch the floor. In this case, its length will be optimum for your growth that is a precondition for quality and effective training;
  • proper rope length is determined as follows: pick up the ends and on the middle become two legs. The rope stretched along the body. The knobs should be at the armpit level or slightly below. If the rope is long, you will be difficult to control movement, can cause problems with double jumps. If too short – will have to draw your legs in.

Jumps can be divided into two main groups: simple and speedy. 

By simply include:

1. The high step

Jump alternating jump from right to left,but the knees up to the waist. Trains the abdomen and buttocks, the muscles of the lower back.

2. Legs apart

Alternate jumping "ball" when the feet together, jumping apart at shoulder width feet. To begin with, so the background jumps feet together to include in a series one jump with divorced legs, then 2, 3, and then proceed to jump with uniform alternation of 1:1: feet together – legs apart. Well trains the muscles of the inner and outer thighs.

3. A pair of scissors

 Jump, spreading the feet are side and front to back.

4. Skier

Jumping "feet together". While jumping with your feet together, jump sideways, the upper body remains vertical. You will resemble a skier, as in the slalom.

5. Bell. Hop with feet together front to back as if your feet are the clapper.

6. Polarisworld

Feet together, jumping, turning only the knees, everything above the waist remains in the original position. Legs forward-right-forward-left and so on. Highly burns fat in the waist area.

7. Full turns

As in 6), but no middle of the jump (knees forward) turns left and right, left and right. Strengthens the muscles of the waist.

8. Crossing legs at the letter H

To Start with a jump feet together, then alternate jumping "legs apart-legs crossed, legs apart-legs crossed".

9. Rasfasovka forward

Start with a jump, feet together, then throw in jumps forward rectified in the knee of the leg, alternating legs. A typical Boxing jumping rope. These jumps are called rasfasovka Muhammad Ali.

10. Rasfasovka ago

So blithely little girls jump rope, bending the leg back at the knee, alternating legs. The most difficult scenario is when the heel beats in this by the Pope. Rope after spinning very fast! The legs may not be able to fly there and back.

11. Groom

Start with a jump, feet together, then dance move, touching the heel in front, then rear toe, then the same, but the heel and toe of the other foot.

12. Jumping, turning the rope backwards

With your feet together. The shoulders are greatly lowered. Trains posture, shoulders and arms.

13. The crossing arms

The crossing takes one jump, and the breeding of hands takes one jump. Jumping with your feet together. Hands above the belt is not raised. The handle of the rope should be long. Keep them parallel to the floor.

14. Mahi rope in hand

Jump rope in both hands. Hands at waist level. Arm parallel to the floor. While jumping do not jump "inside" of the arch of the rope and rotate it from the outside and from the side: right – left, right-left, next to the body. To do this, in the transitions to cross hands in front of him, creating a loop. Of the forearm from the shoulder to the elbow remains vertical along the chest.

15. In hand inside

Alternate swings with rope in hand, with one leap with feet together within the rope, opening the arms out to the sides.

Speed jumping – it's jumping with high intensity. All simple jumps you can perform at an accelerated pace. The most difficult to implement – double jump (two turns of the rope for one jump).

The technique of double jumps: you should start with basic jumps starting two feet from the floor. After two or three warm-up jumps to switch to double-speed, they are, as usual, only need to push harder and jump higher. At the time of the jump needed to pull the rope twice. This exercise not only depends on the height of the jump and the speed of rotation of the hands. To jump and fall, you need to wear.

The number of double-speed jumps depends on the level of training of the athlete. It is recommended to combine the speed of jumping jumping for relaxation. Intervals of jumps equal to: 30 sec double-accelerated jumps, 30 sec of jumping for relaxation.

Girls on a note - A set of exercises

Girls on a note - A set of exercises

Beginners perform one approach each exercise. Gradually increase the load, do 2, and then 3 sets, rest between sets – less than a minute. To increase the intensity, all of the exercises can add a pause at the point of maximum tension of the muscles, not holding the breath.


Strengthen the front and back of the thighs, buttocks.
Sink down, bending your knees at a 90° angle. Exhale to rise. Repeat 16-20 times, change legs.
Attention! Keep the Shin of the front leg standing vertically, the body is straight, abdominal muscles to strain.

2. WIDE SQUAT (plie)

Strengthens the buttocks, inner and rear thighs.
Stand straight, feet wider than shoulders, hips and feet to deploy at 45°. On the inhale sit down, tilting the body and without changing the position of the knees. Exhale to rise. Repeat 16-25 times.
Attention! The maximum clench! Case hold vertically.


Strengthens the buttocks and hamstring.
To kneel, to lean on his elbows. Knees bent at a 90° angle. To raise the foot so that the heel staring at the ceiling. Lower the leg touching the knee of the lower leg the supporting leg. Repeat 25-30 times, then switch legs.
Attention! Lifting the leg, do not bend the lower back.


Strengthens the buttocks and outer thighs.
Lie on side, bottom arm under head, top on the waist or stretched along the body. Bend your knees at a 90° angle. Arrange the legs so that between the body and the hips was 90°. The top leg rests on the bottom, not offset. Knees together. On the exhale, lift the leg so that the Shin was parallel to the floor, inhale to lower. Repeat 25-30 times, switch sides and repeat. Attention! Not expand the knee when lifting leg.


Strengthens the upper part of the abdomen.
Lie on your back. Bend knees and pull heels towards buttocks. Hands behind head, head and body on the same line. Exhale to lift upper body, lifting your shoulder blades off the floor. On the inhale lower. Repeat 25-30 times. Attention! Not cross my hands behind his head. Do not tilt your head forward. Do not bend at the waist. Strain the lower abdomen.


Strengthens the lower part of the abdomen.
Lie on your back, hands under head, legs bent at the knees, to pull. On the inhale, pull your knees to your chest, lifting your pelvis off the floor, feeling how tense the lower abdomen. The lower the exhalation. Repeat 25-30 times. Attention! Not to rock your feet! Knees as close to your chest.


Strengthens all the muscles of the center of the body: direct and oblique abdominal muscles, back muscles and lower back, buttocks, inner thighs.

Lie on side, bottom arm bent, an elbow under the shoulder, focusing on lower leg and forearm. Free hand on hip or at the waist. Knees slightly bent, place your heels on the same line with the body. Leaning on the elbow and Shin, reinforcing the lateral tension of the lower side of the housing, tear off pelvis from the floor with the abdomen to draw. The pelvis to raise off the floor and lower without touching the floor fully. Repeat 4 to 12 times, switch sides. Attention! To maintain lateral position, not to fall forward or backward. Not to focus on the wrist. Do not bend at the waist, keep your back and stomach tense.