ABS work on those abs

ABS work on those abs

The abbreviation ABS stands for Abdominal - Back - Spine. This strength training abdominal muscles, combined with strengthening exercises of the back and flexibility. The results become visible very quickly: burned the fat on the belly and flanks, lose cellulite, strengthens press decrease the volume of the waist, the body weight reduces.

It is possible to allocate four groups of exercises, which combined, are able to strengthen the upper, lower, oblique abdominal muscles:

  1. the work of the body by the stationary legs;
  2. work with your feet when the trunk motionless;
  3. cross the work of a torso and legs;
  4. simultaneous operation of the torso and legs.

Also ABS workout includes exercises to develop back muscles, including wall thrust, lifts the hull out of position on the abdomen, bridges, etc. Experts say that such training would best serve to create a beautiful figure and posture.

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