Hasbinding: build a person

Hasbinding: build a person

Facial muscles can be trained, like muscles of the body. 8 exercises for the face — and the results are impressive!

Young, beautiful face is not only good skin. About youth say high cheekbones, beautiful chin line, no smile line "wrinkles". Alas, time and gravity makes the person tired: muscles weaken, and the cheeks fall down, you receive a double chin. The face starts worse supplied with blood, which can not but affect the condition of the skin. And the first signs of "tired faces" has already become apparent since 25 years!
Of course, high-quality cosmetics helps to look young longer. But the effect is unilateral, on the outside, but the true cause is inside. Hasbinding, the system of exercises for facial muscles, acts on the problem from the inside. For playing hasbinding need neither trainers nor a tracksuit. Can do it all – regardless of age and physical fitness. Regular classes give a great effect: the muscles are tightened, the skin is better supplied with blood, and hence is updated and looks fresher and younger. The first results are visible already after 2 weeks! Are you ready to begin to exercise?

1. Exercise for forehead.

Put the fingers of both hands on the forehead. Ring fingers should lie on the eyebrows. Now, overcoming the resistance of the fingers, lift your eyebrows, pulling the scalp forward.

2. Eye exercise.

Open your eyes as widely as possible, in other words, "stare" as far forward as possible. Then relax.

3. Exercise for cheeks.

To smile, putting your thumbs to the corners of the mouth. Muscles of the mouth and cheeks, to the ears, very much strain. Relax.

4. Exercise against sagging corners of the mouth.

Pinch the lips between the teeth to tighten corners of mouth upward. Hold, relax. And prevents the formation of wrinkles on the upper lip.

5. Exercise against wrinkles around the eyes.

Press the fingers to the outer corners of the eyes and severely straining the lower eyelids. Relax.

6. Exercise against double chin.

Put fists under his chin and, overcoming the resistance of hands, open your mouth. Then, resting in the chin with the thumb maximally stick out your tongue so that its tip was pointing down.

7. Exercise for the neck.

With effort pull the lower lip (without moving the corners of the mouth down, exposing the lower teeth. If you correctly perform the exercise, then the neck will be visible relief of muscle.

8. Exercise to strengthen the whole contour of the face.

Strain the cheeks and chin: to open his mouth widely, to push forward the lower jaw. Much to strain the muscles of the neck and jaw. Relax.

Do exercises regularly at least 5 days a week, preferably every day. Each exercise should be repeated 5 times for 6 seconds, gradually bringing the number of repetitions to 20. It is best to perform this complex before going to sleep, although, by and large, can be enjoyed at any time.

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