Best way to lose belly fat

Slim waist gives the figure of femininity and sexuality, which is why for centuries women have resorted to various tricks, in the form of outages and corsets to waist was thin, wasp. Of course, today also there are techniques to visually reduce the size of this problem for many women in the area, but they don't work, for example, on the beach, and therefore it is better to take for a motto the famous phrase: "to Be rather than to seem" and to perform effective exercises to reduce waist.

Exercises to lose belly fat

Than effective exercises to reduce waist differ from conventional exercise? Latest pump up muscles, making them three-dimensional. Because of this, the waist is not only not reduced, but rather, its volume will increase. The training itself is only half the story. Food also plays a not unimportant role, and therefore, you need to analyze your diet and make it more rational rather than snacking and empty calories.

Losing belly fat fast exercises home 


Any exercise starts with a warm up, it warms up the muscles and provides them with oxygen. To perform a warm-up is necessary at an accelerated pace.

Stretching exercises

In a standing position you need to pull and stick out the stomach with maximum force.
In this position, perform tilt back and forth, keeping your back straight.
The circular motion of the torso to the left and right side.
All exercises should be repeated 20-30 times.

Strengthening muscles upper abdominals

Lying on back, hands on the floor or chained to the castle under the head, legs bend at the knees, understand the torso, keeping the back straight, with the shoulder belt need to be off the floor.

Position — standing, feet apart more than shoulder width, knees bent. Straining the muscles of the buttocks, sharply point the pelvis forward, the reverse movement will relax your muscles.

Strengthening the muscles of the lower press

Supine, legs bent arms at your sides, lift your pelvis up, lifting your feet.

Lying on the floor, lift bent legs, hands pull them to himself, and a foot push in the opposite direction.
Lying on the floor, focusing on body arms bent at the elbows, lift the crossed legs up to maximum height. These effective exercises to reduce waist must be repeated 15-20 times each, repeating 3-4 times. When performing muscle should feel the tension. Over time, the number of exercises and approaches need to increase.

Obliques also have not the last influence on the beauty and subtlety of the waist, and exercises designed for this muscle group, allow you to get rid of fat on the sides.

Lying on the floor, legs bent, hands in the castle behind head, raise the torso, trying to get the right elbow left knee left – right, as if doing the twist.

Lying on side, one arm under his head, another along the body, lift the body up, trying not to get their side of the torso.

And remember that even the most effective exercises to reduce waist require regular reps and gradually increase load, and then the desired result will not keep itself waiting long.

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