Training with a skipping rope

Training with a skipping rope

One of the best aerobic exercise. 10 minute jumps give the same effect as a two-kilometer jog, a couple of tennis sets and a 10-minute Bicycle race.

Jumping you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. In this workout increases your heart rate and stress on the joints is very low. Jumps develop flexibility, posture, balance and coordination. Exercises with a rope allow you to effectively work the calves, shoulders, arm muscles and abdominals. This is the best way to warm-up and cool-down for strength training. Rope can be practiced almost anywhere.

Exercises with a rope used by boxers, wrestlers, volleyball players, skaters and swimmers as a trainer that is always at hand.

For effective training, you need to choose the right rope. 

There are several ways of choosing rope:

  • measure its length: take both handles in your hand and pull at chest level. The lower end of the rope should touch the floor. In this case, its length will be optimum for your growth that is a precondition for quality and effective training;
  • proper rope length is determined as follows: pick up the ends and on the middle become two legs. The rope stretched along the body. The knobs should be at the armpit level or slightly below. If the rope is long, you will be difficult to control movement, can cause problems with double jumps. If too short – will have to draw your legs in.

Jumps can be divided into two main groups: simple and speedy. 

By simply include:

1. The high step

Jump alternating jump from right to left,but the knees up to the waist. Trains the abdomen and buttocks, the muscles of the lower back.

2. Legs apart

Alternate jumping "ball" when the feet together, jumping apart at shoulder width feet. To begin with, so the background jumps feet together to include in a series one jump with divorced legs, then 2, 3, and then proceed to jump with uniform alternation of 1:1: feet together – legs apart. Well trains the muscles of the inner and outer thighs.

3. A pair of scissors

 Jump, spreading the feet are side and front to back.

4. Skier

Jumping "feet together". While jumping with your feet together, jump sideways, the upper body remains vertical. You will resemble a skier, as in the slalom.

5. Bell. Hop with feet together front to back as if your feet are the clapper.

6. Polarisworld

Feet together, jumping, turning only the knees, everything above the waist remains in the original position. Legs forward-right-forward-left and so on. Highly burns fat in the waist area.

7. Full turns

As in 6), but no middle of the jump (knees forward) turns left and right, left and right. Strengthens the muscles of the waist.

8. Crossing legs at the letter H

To Start with a jump feet together, then alternate jumping "legs apart-legs crossed, legs apart-legs crossed".

9. Rasfasovka forward

Start with a jump, feet together, then throw in jumps forward rectified in the knee of the leg, alternating legs. A typical Boxing jumping rope. These jumps are called rasfasovka Muhammad Ali.

10. Rasfasovka ago

So blithely little girls jump rope, bending the leg back at the knee, alternating legs. The most difficult scenario is when the heel beats in this by the Pope. Rope after spinning very fast! The legs may not be able to fly there and back.

11. Groom

Start with a jump, feet together, then dance move, touching the heel in front, then rear toe, then the same, but the heel and toe of the other foot.

12. Jumping, turning the rope backwards

With your feet together. The shoulders are greatly lowered. Trains posture, shoulders and arms.

13. The crossing arms

The crossing takes one jump, and the breeding of hands takes one jump. Jumping with your feet together. Hands above the belt is not raised. The handle of the rope should be long. Keep them parallel to the floor.

14. Mahi rope in hand

Jump rope in both hands. Hands at waist level. Arm parallel to the floor. While jumping do not jump "inside" of the arch of the rope and rotate it from the outside and from the side: right – left, right-left, next to the body. To do this, in the transitions to cross hands in front of him, creating a loop. Of the forearm from the shoulder to the elbow remains vertical along the chest.

15. In hand inside

Alternate swings with rope in hand, with one leap with feet together within the rope, opening the arms out to the sides.

Speed jumping – it's jumping with high intensity. All simple jumps you can perform at an accelerated pace. The most difficult to implement – double jump (two turns of the rope for one jump).

The technique of double jumps: you should start with basic jumps starting two feet from the floor. After two or three warm-up jumps to switch to double-speed, they are, as usual, only need to push harder and jump higher. At the time of the jump needed to pull the rope twice. This exercise not only depends on the height of the jump and the speed of rotation of the hands. To jump and fall, you need to wear.

The number of double-speed jumps depends on the level of training of the athlete. It is recommended to combine the speed of jumping jumping for relaxation. Intervals of jumps equal to: 30 sec double-accelerated jumps, 30 sec of jumping for relaxation.

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