What vitamins are you missing?

What vitamins are you missing?

A simple test by which you can easily find out what vitamins you are missing.

Stretch your hands palms up and bend the last two joints of four fingers simultaneously on both hands up until the fingertips will not touch the palm of your hand (the joints between the fingers and the palm do not bend). Can't do this exercise? Probable vitamin B6 deficiency.

If you are often worried about bad breath, this may indicate a lack of vitamin B3.

Even at a weak bruises appear and you have long are the bruises? Most likely, you get a little vitamin C.

One of the possible causes of chronic constipation - a deficiency of vitamins of group B.

That you are suffering from dizziness and tinnitus can be caused by lack of vitamins B3 and E, plus potassium and manganese.

Redness of eyes, inability to adapt quickly in the dark, styes are sometimes associated with a lack of vitamins A and B2.

Dandruff appears in case if the deficiency of vitamins B12, B6, F and selenium.

Dull and brittle hair - a sign of lack of vitamins b, F and iodine.

Hair loss is sometimes associated with a lack of vitamins B9, C, H, Inositol.

Cause of insomnia may be a deficiency of B vitamins, potassium and calcium.

Frequent nosebleeds are caused by lack of vitamins C, K and B3.

Acne and red spots on the neck - signs of deficiency of vitamins A and B.

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